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(Reprinted from CORC BYLAWS 03.09)


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  1. Members. The members of the Council shall be those organizations which meet the following criteria for membership, including original members which are joining the Council of Reformed Charities. Additional members may from time to time be admitted by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee in accordance with the by-laws.
  2. Criteria for Full Council of Reformed Charities Membership:
    1. The organization is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that is in agreement with the Five Affirmations of the Reformation:
      • Scripture Alone (Hebrews 4:12)
        We hold the Bible to be the Word of God, the only infallible rule for faith and practice and our ultimate point of reference.
      • Christ Alone (Acts 4:12)
        Jesus Christ alone is to be trusted for salvation. There is no salvation outside of Christ.
      • Grace Alone (Ephesians 2:4-5)
        The absolute sovereign grace of God in Christ is the only ground of our salvation.
      • Faith Alone (Ephesians 2:8-9)
        Salvation is by grace, through faith alone, and not by works.
      • To God Alone Be Glory (Jude: 25)
        We seek to glorify our triune God alone. We believe that ultimately all things must work together to bring glory to God alone;
    2. The organization has a commitment to serve in God’s world as a helping agency;
    3. The organization is a health related organization or a human services agency which is primarily service oriented rather than mission, administration or education oriented; exceptions are educational organizations that provide personal and professional assistance due to a significant disability.
    4. The organization has ecclesiastical endorsement and/or receives donations from constituent churches and/or its members and provides charitable services;
    5. The organization endorses and adheres to the Mission Statement and the Articles and Bylaws of the Council of Reformed Charities; and
    6. The organization annually has an independent financial review and makes full financial disclosure to its members.
  3. Criteria for Affiliate Council Membership.
    1. Affiliate Member – Individuals
      The following guidelines are provided for this category of membership.
      1. Such individuals must have an active interest in the purposes and support the Christian principles on which the Council stands.
        Examples include:
        1. Those who serve as CEO’s or Executive Directors on non-qualified non-profit organizations.
        2. Those who serve as Executive Directors or are in Administrative positions in various affiliated denominational agencies (CRC, RCA or URC). OR
      2. At the discretion of the CORC Affiliate Membership – Individual may be granted to CEO’s or others in executive positions for-profit organizations when one of the following attributes may apply:
        1. The individual’s personal life and management philosophy reflects a commitment to Christian services.
        2. The organization purports to be Christian in operation and ministry.
    2. Affiliate Members – Organizations
      The following guidelines are provided for this category of membership.
      1. Such organizations must be not-for-profit.
      2. Such organizations must have an active interest in the purposes and Christian Principles on which the Council stands.
        1. Examples are the Barnabas Foundation and RCA Foundations which promote Estate planning that can result in agency benefits.
      3. Such organizations are those who are in the process of development, may have facilities in the planning stage, or under construction, but in any event plan to provide direct services in due time and thus become eligible for full membership.
      4. Typically, these organizations do not provide direct services to those in need.
    3. Affiliate Members – Retirees
      1. All full members of the Council who retire permanently because of age shall be automatically granted Affiliate Member stats. Retired members shall not be assessed dues.
    4. Associate Members – A former CORC member, not retired but who has continued interest; or a person not yet part of an eligible CORC agency, but who has interest in CORC organization. (1) Same rights apply as for Affiliate Members (2) Only those who are not eligible for higher membership status are eligible for Associate membership. (3) Associate members are required to pay the annual minimum fee of membership.
    5. General – All Affiliate Members and Associate Members will receive selected mailings, including the newsletters; be invited to Annual Meetings; be non-voting; and shall pay dues as determined by the Board of Directors. Membership shall be reviewed and approved annually except for retirees who are considered lifetime members..
  4. Member Rights.
    1. Rights of Full Members: Full members shall be represented on the Board of Directors and shall have full voting rights and all rights of members under the statues of the State of MI.
    2. Rights of Affiliate Members: Affiliate members shall not have the right to vote. However, affiliate members may attend any meeting of the membership and may express their views on any matters affecting the operations of the corporation. Affiliate members shall receive the annual report on the finances and operations of the corporation.
    3. Rights of Associate Members: Associate members shall not have the right to vote and are invited to attend any meeting of the membership without a voice in any of the matters affecting the operations of the corporation. Associate members shall not receive any annual reports, but may request the same for their information.